3D Jaw Surgery

3D digital orthognathic surgery

'Pursuing natural looking beauty'

 With continuous collaboration with universities, corporations, with foreign dentists through continuous collaboration

"Artificial intelligence analysis/diagnosis technology

and 3D Double Jaw surgery protocol research/development"

Aesthetic <= Precision => Stability

We perform aesthetic and safe 3D jaw surgery.

-Related research and development-

-Research/development of patient-specific-esthetic 3D orthognathic surgery protocol


-Joint research on navigation and robotic double-jaw surgery method / doctoral thesis


-Joint development of artificial intelligence orthognathic surgery analysis program (corporate patent)

-Papers related to aesthetic 3D orthognathic surgery in domestic and foreign academic journals (SCIE publication)

-Artificial intelligence-based jaw correction (double jaw) surgery diagnosis paper (SCIE publication)

Dr.Park's Protocol

3D orthognathic surgery process


General explanation of orthognathic surgery and decision on whether to have surgery


Visit after  orthodontic treatment

Visit for surgery after Pre-surgical orthodontic correction


and surgery consultation

Hospitalization and final consultation


Surgery/ discharge/ outpatient visit

operation and post-surgery management

First visit

When you visit the hospital for the first time,

we explain to the patient whether surgery is necessary or not.



We explain the pre-operative preparation process

and refer you to the orthodontic hospital

for orthodontic treatment before surgery.

*In case of pre-surgery or cosmetic double jaw surgery,  You may not need pre-orthodontic treatment.

What if you need surgery?



Visit after  orthodontic treatment

After pre-orthodontic treatment, should visit the clinic 1 month before surgery

We usually perform virtual surgery twice using various diagnostic information .

Type of surgery

case 01

When Upper/Lower Jaw both needs surgery

Double Jaw Surgery

Surgery duration: Around 2 hours



Hospitalization and pre-surgery consultation

The surgical plan is explained in detail,

and aesthetic requirements are reflected

in the final surgical plan.


Surgery, discharge, outpatient visit

Surgery starts at 8 am every morning

On the 3rd day after surgery,

CT is taken and the pre- and post-surgery progress

is precisely checked.

The surgical site is disinfected every morning,

and if there are no special issues,

visit the hospital one week after discharge


* If the degenerative temporomandibular joint disease is severe,

growth has not been completed, and etc.,

if it is judged that surgery is not achievable,

the patient is referred to a different department.


* * If a functionally satisfactory effect is expected with orthodontics alone,

surgery is not performed.

* Surgery-first / early surgery, etc., are not decided solely by the hospital,

sufficient cooperation with the correctional teacher is required.