3D surgery 1st approach 

​3D Surgery 1st approach

Double jaw surgery is performed first,

before or without orthodontic treatment 


3D surgery 1st approach

Aesthetic <= Precision => Stability

​'Precise diagnosis and prediction minimizes the risk of recurrence.'
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Because double jaw surgery is performed without orthodontic treatment,

the occlusion becomes relatively unstable in Surgery first approach.

Therefore, through 3D diagnosis and 3D virtual outcome prediction,

a process is necessarily needed  to minimize the risk of recurrence.

It requires a lot of experience and know-how,

such as close cooperation with the orthodontist in charge, etc.

-Related research and development-

 Research/development of patient-specific-esthetic 3D double jaw surgery protocol.

Joint research on navigation and robotic double jaw surgery method / doctoral thesis.

Joint development of artificial intelligence

double jaw surgery analysis program (corporate patent).

Papers related to aesthetic 3D Aesthetic jaw surgery

in domestic and foreign academic journals (SCIE publication).

Artificial intelligence-based Orthognathic (double jaw)

surgery diagnosis thesis (published in SCIE).

3D surgery 1st approach 

3D surgery 1st approach

Consult. for possible conditions


hospitalization the day before surgery and surgery performed


Discharge and outpatient visit post-surgery care


orthodontic treatment after surgery post-surgery care

hospitalization and surgery

orthodontic treatment after surgery

outpatient visit


First visit

When you first come to the hospital, the surgery 1st  and

cosmetic  jaw surgery process will be explained.

The patient's current situation will be shared in discussion.



Cosmetic  Jaw Surgery

*Usually, orthodontic treatment after surgery is not performed


Make a surgical plan with the current occlusion, By performing 3D virtual surgery, and check if the patient's dissatisfaction improves 

When it is judged that cosmetic double jaw surgery is possible

Proceed with the following process.

*After surgery, orthodontic treatment is absolutely necessary. ​


Consult with the cooperative correctional hospital about the possibility of prior surgery and early surgery

When it is judged that preoperative/early surgery is possible


Will proceed with the next step

Surgery 1st approach



Hospitalization and surgery

Hospitalized the day before surgery

Surgery: Starts at 8 am.

The operation takes about 2 hours. ​​


On the 3rd day after surgery,

do a CT scan before/after surgery

 Check precisely. ​


Disinfect treatment area every morning.

If there are no special changes

Visit the hospital 1 week after discharge.

Type of surgery

case 01

When Both upper/lower jaw surgery are required

      Double Jaw Surgery

Surgery time: around 2 hours



Discharge and outpatient visit

First outpatient visit about 1 week after discharge.


Intake liquid food for about 1 week.



Orthodontic treatment after surgery

Surgery 1st approach

Orthodontic treatment begins about 3 to 5 weeks after surgery. ​ ​ ​

Cosmetic jaw surgery

 *Proceed with orthodontic treatment if necessary.

* If it is determined that surgery is not possible, such as cases of severe degenerative temporomandibular joint disease, when growth is not complete, etc. Patient would be transferred to other departments.

* If functionally satisfactory effect only with orthodontic treatment is expected, surgery will not done.


*  The hospital does not make the sole decision for Pre-surgery/Early surgery. There is a need for sufficient cooperation with the orthodontist in charge.